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TO PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS: Listed Practitioners have completed training in NMT: The Feinberg Technique as specified below. It is recommended that patients inquire of a new NMT Practitioner whether they actively practice NMT as taught and whether or not they participate in NMT Online Support & Continuing Education.

Lee Bowers, Ph.D.

Po Box 7055
St. Davids, PA 19087

Clinical Specialty
Contact Information


Level of Training
Universal Care Level C
First - Last Seminar: 10/18/02 - 11/23/12
Current NMT Training
NMT Universal Care A:
NMT Universal Care B:
NMT Universal Care C: 11/12
NMT Symposiums: 6/05, 9/06, 10/07, 2009 DVD

Previous NMT Seminar Training
NMT Level 1: 6/10 DVD
NMT Level 2: 7/10 DVD
NMT Level 3: 8/10 DVD
Comprehensive: 10/02
Advanced I:
Advanced II:



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